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 Dear Friends 06 July 2018
The following are some information on your RVM (UK Centre).
v AGM 2018

The Annual General Meeting was held on 3 June 2018.
The new Executive Committee for 2018 -2020 was elected as follows:
Mr Jagadis Kumar Nath – Vice President; General Secretary - Vacant; Dr Shankar Rangan – Asst. General Secretary; Dr Arun Dey – Treasurer; Mr Nihar Kumar Tapader - Asst. Treasurer; Mrs Sarbori Basu & Dr Bandana Saraswati – Cultural Secretaries; Dr Saroj Datta – Social Secretary; Dr Asit Biswas - Audio System Co-ordinator; Mrs Bolaka Bhattacharya – Asst. Audio System Co-ordinator; Members – Mrs Chhaya Ray, Dr Pranab Sarker, Mr Sankar Bhattachrjee, Dr Ambar Basu, Dr Jay Bhattacharya, Mr Shyamal Adhikary, Mrs Tuhina Chatterjee, Dr Mridul Datta.
Decisions @ the AGM:
1) The Audio System Co-ordinators will be called Audio Secretary.
2) Also the contribution to sponsor an event at RVM would go up to £200 from June 2018.
3) GANESH PUJA is to be added to the RVM Calendar

A Message: Thank you all for your whole hearted support, dedication and solidarity to bring this RVM from nothing to a centre of excellence. Our task is not completed yet – we still need to take this organisation forward with the sustained momentum. Together and with the blessings of Thakur, Ma Sarada and Swamiji, I’m sure, we will achieve it. – JK Nath

The RVM Calendar for the period July 2018 – February 2019 is attached herewith.
APPEAL: It is our sincere request that the RVM members and members involved in organising other social and cultural events in other organisations, please keep these RVM calendar dates in mind and, if possible, please DO NOT hold your programmes on these days.

The subscription month started in January. So please send your yearly subscriptions for 2018, if you haven’t done so already. You can pay your subscription by standing order (preferred method), which will save a lot of time and trouble. Standing Order mandate form may be obtained from the Treasurer / Asst. Treasurer.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DURGA PUJA DONATION IS NOT THE MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTION. The donors who are not already a member can apply for membership of RVM UK Centre by filling in a membership form and subscribing appropriate fees. RVM constitution stipulates that only the fully paid-up members have the voting right in the AGM. A form is available from Gen. Secretary / Asst. Gen Secretary or CAN BE downloaded from RVM website. 2


PLEASE ENSURE that any change in your address, including email, is conveyed to the General Secretary.
v APPEAL: PLEASE make a covenant – any amount per month or year. Please ask

Gen. Secretary / Asst. Gen. Secretary for a form. THANK YOU. Yours sincerely
Sri Jagadis

Sri Jagadis K. Nath (Ph: 07740430314)

[ JAGADIS KUMAR NATH: 077 404 303 14 ]
[NIHAR TAPADAR 01925 712432 ]
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